Four Star Onions

Four Star Ag is a commercial farming operation located in southeastern North Dakota. We raise and package yellow onions for resale throughout the United States. With decades of experience in agriculture, our onions are high quality and are grown with care.

Our Experience

Four Star Ag has been expertly growing onions since 2008. A specialty crop in North Dakota, onions require a lot more attention than the average midwestern crop. Four Star Ag goes above and beyond when it comes to picking the perfect hybrid seed for the growing season, timing the perfect planting date, deciding when to irrigate, dammer-dyke, fertilize, and harvest.

Four Star Ag is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture and its onions are certified Kosher.

Four Star Ag utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently and safely harvest onions from its fields.

Four Star Ag utilizes a climate controlled storage shed to store its onions following harvest. As customers place orders, its onions are transported to Four Star Ag's packing facility which utilizes advanced computerized equipment to sort and package the onions. Finally, using Four Star Ag's logistics network, the packaged onions are distributed by truck or rail across the United States.

Four Star Ag's decades of experience in commercial onion farming allows it to effectively grow delicious onions for enjoyment by consumers across the United States.